Sándor Szabó

Performing artist, Composer, Music researcher

Sandor Szabo   "Acoustic Poetry" solo baritone guitar   2005

The career of this Hungarian acoustic guitarist started in 1980. After studying classical, jazz and improvised music his goal was to play abroad, as Hungary had no tradition for acoustic guitar. So Sandor Szabo focused on playing in other parts of the world with success.
His music represents a mix of classical, Hungarian folk and Eastern music. During concerts Sandor uses many guitars, like a 16 and 8 stringed bass guitar. Acoustic Music Records released several CD's of his music. He just released his new album Acoustic Poetry, which is played on a baritone guitar. Most compositions express pensive meditative moods by painting sound palettes with a profound and spiritual character. Many of his works are inspired by nature as Walk, Valley of Shades and The Rain Makers Suite. One has to stand open for new dimensions in music and a challenging enthusiasm from the listener is required. Admitting to these criteria's one will encounter as well brilliant sound escapades with a soothing and contemplative character written in enthralling sounding poetry. Sandor Szabo is a unique and superb artist on a guitar, as well as a creator of atmosphere who draws from a wide knowledge of several musical styles, who is able with as well excellent techniques as a new approach to music to fully absorb a listener.

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