Sándor Szabó

Performing artist, Composer, Music researcher

Sandor Szabo "The Art of The 16 String Guitar 1."2006

This Hungarian guitarist just released his nineteenth solo
guitar album, called “The Art of The 16 String Guitar 1”
On this CD he demonstrates several16 string guitars which are tuned in various open tunings, some never played before. The music has an experimental character and some pieces are dedicated to fellow guitarists like Peter Finger, Tim Sparks, Claus Boesser Ferrari and Veronique Gillett. The CD has 18 tracks and fully explore all the possibilities of these 16 stringed guitars build by Tihamer Romanek, Tibor Turczak and Steve Klein. The guitars reflect a sound character between a big lute and a harpsichord and have an Eastern sound feeling. The sound of these guitars is very crisp. Most of the 18 compositions are musical journeys with varied sound escapades. “Istria” is a piece which reminds one the most of a normal 6 string guitar. Most pieces reflect feelings of mystery with a melancholic setup and are truly musical adventurous journeys. Sandor Szabo  truly is a guitarist who likes to explore new dimensions in music. Check him out!
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