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Reviews Of Shamans and Scientists

Sandor Szabo/Edoardo Bignozzi: Shamans and Scientists ( CD)

Aerial, dense, rich of sound and improvisation, Shaman and Scientists is a
very convincing album, based on the emotive and visionary protagonists, the Hungarian Sàndor Szabò and the Italian Edoardo Bignozzi. The music reminds a part of the old ECM production (Towner/Gismonti area) and they are able to abandon themselves to an intense and emotive dialogue full of
nuances and ambience before returning to an orthrodox classical behaviour. The music is
focused on a depth of sensations and a boundary of fragments of chords, iterated phrases, and improvised impulses. The sound of the classical and the 12-string baritone guitar is natural and
acoustic. The title “Shamans and Scientists” describes well, as this music is a blend of
spiritual, intuitive approach, and rational knowledge. This CD is worthy of attention, full of feeling and it stands out from the usual acoustic guitar market.

Szabó Sándor - Edoardo Bignozzi: Shamans and Scientists
Közremuködnek: Szabó Sándor - 6 húros klasszikus gitár és 12 húros bariton gitár
Edoardo Bignozzi - klasszikus gitár
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