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Sandor Szabo / Balasz Major/ Isbin Trio 2006 "Constellations"

This album is a cooperation between the Hungarian guitarist Sandor Szabó, percussionist Balasz Major and the Belgian guitarist Gilbert Isbin. The amazing story is that all three musicians had the perfect circumstances during a stage meeting to have a perfect chemistry between all the players, which one as a musician and listener is always looking for, creating the ideal concept for that magic moment.
It ended up in the making of the CD “Constellations”, which reveals us the secret of the title of this album. The music they create together is complex, with sound escapades of the ndividual musicians who mix extremely well round a chosen musical theme and where each musician has the liberty and freedom to give each other the space to interact on
the musical elements and structures. The CD starts with “Dark Green” with a repeating theme in woven matching patterns. The title track “Constellation” is an 11 minutes long journey of the unconscious mind where mystery and experimental musical counterpoints are explored.
“Cute Movements” ”Metaphorically” and “Irresistible Desire” have an identical setup. On “Wawacou” percussionist Balasz Major has a leading role in the composition with top-notch ercussion patterns assisted by the two guitarists who create improvised experimental music to it.
Sandor Szabó plays a 16 string guitar and Gilbert Isbin a classical guitar.
This CD will attract foremost listeners of abstract and experimental music who like to discover new dimensions in music.
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