Sándor Szabó

acoustic guitar artist, composer

Reviews and Articles

Self-comment on Echolocation IX. About the Aquarius album
Dear My Friend, Followers,
mwe3.com presents an interview with Kevin Kastning and Sandor Szabo The Ethereal III interview
Liner notes: Echolocation Trilogy 2018
Liner notes: Ethereal I.
About the background of the Asymmetry album
Lute in the 21.Century
Art of the 16-string guitar III. / 2015
How the Sándor Szabó / Roland Heidrich guitar albums made
Reviews of Returning
Reviews of Shamans and Scientists
Reviews of Parabola
Reviews of Parallel Crossings
Reviews of Resonance
Reviews of Strings Without Borders...
Sandor Szabo Interview Acousticguitar Review February 2001
Interwiev with Sándor Szabófor the Flagpol Magazine/Athens/Georgia/USA
Interview with Erik Hinds/Georgian Contemporary Unit
Henk te Veldhuis, Bridge Guitar Reviews- Acoustic poetry
Patrick Ragains- Acoustic poetry
Henk te Veldhuis, Bridge Guitar Reviews - The Art of The 16 String Guitar 1.
Sandor Szabo: Master of the 16 String Guitar and Baritone Guitar
Baritone Guitar Excursions

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